Survive, Laughable, Sacrifice

Today is Easter Sunday. I won’t survive, however, if I can’t do this high or a little drunk. One of the two days out of the year in which the church is full. A fact about the faith so laughable I find I cry myself to sleep at the thought.

Pale, Review, Expansion

Peter had seen something on TV where a guy used one magnet to move around another magnet that was on the other side of a wall. That feeling of nostalgia was like that, a pulling of something that felt familiar but wasn’t seen.

Imbricate, Pongee, Zucchetto

We passed a display with all sorts of symbols. The Christian cross was pointed out as another symbol of irony; a torture device used by the Roman Empire became the symbol of a supposedly peaceful belief system.

Honey, Carnival, Hats

It was sticky, bruv! I couldn’t believe it! But the crazy thing, the crazy thing bruv were the bees. The bees were buzzing around, slowly through not fast like I usually seen them. They seemed zoned out, almost high but let me back up to the fat lady with the long dress, she opened up the tent flap to an exhibit that I would have normally passed up.